Welcome to the Center for Global Islamic Studies (CGIS) at Lehigh University. Launched in the fall of 2009 with the support of a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Center is a growing intellectual community committed to the comparative study of Islamic civilization. CGIS promotes interdisciplinary teaching and research designed to take Islamic Studies into and beyond the classroom by offering students, faculty and the broader community a variety of forums for dialogue, debate and experiential learning. At its core, the Center's is distinguished by three distinct signatures:

  • an integrated undergraduate academic program that provides Lehigh students with multiple outlets to encounter the diversity and dynamism of global Islam
  • a comparative, interdisciplinary approach to Islamic studies that goes beyond narrow geographic areas and political issues to explore the broader landscape of Islamic civilization, both past and present
  • the translation of theory into practice, linking rigorous scholarship on the Muslim world to direct, practical, hands-on learning beyond the boundaries of the Lehigh campus

The Center for Global Islamic Studies welcomes you to our virtual home—and encourages you to learn more about our ongoing efforts to expand the undergraduate educational experience at Lehigh University.

Director Robert Rozehnal 
Williams Hall, Room 185
31 Williams Drive


Office of Interdisiplinary Programs
Williams Hall, Suite 101
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